Online vs In Store Shopping

In the last 10 years or so, shopping online has become the norm to a lot of people. Some people don’t even see a reason to go to a physical store to buy what they need, but rather hop on the internet and quickly enter a credit card to have their item delivered right to their door. Although some people make an argument about if you order something online you don’t get to see it first, like clothing, but don’t people know their own clothing size? I agree that buying an expensive dress or pants may be risky, but everything else should be easily doable.

Many people also claim that the act of shopping itself is done for the experience, and not just to procure an item(s) that one needs. I’d say that’s acceptable, but if you just need something, then pricing can be a whole lot better on the internet because of how competitive it is, and this is where jewelry comes into play.

Online Auctions for Jewelry


You hear people talk about eBay and other auctions sites all the time. If you aren’t familiar with them, auction websites are where people place bids on certain items, and the highest bidder when the auction timer runs out has the opportunity to purchase the item at that price. It’s pretty much the same as a regular auction, but it’s done via the internet.

Jewelry auctions have become pretty popular in the last few years. Its only become popular lately because it was tough to find trusted websites that are credible enough to want to take a risk selling jewelry, sell Rolex or even buying jewelry that may be fake. But now there are credible sources for auctions in the online jewelry world, so you can take full advantage of being able to buy used jewelry at a great price in an auction setting without even leaving your house! Here’s a video about 1 of the websites that provides this service: